Thursday, November 19, 2009

China surfing experience!

Surfing in China...We scored epic lefts!!!! Was such a blissful, amazingly surf stoking feeling. WHo would have thought, I certainly was a sceptic about the chances of finding surf (decent surf that is) in China. But alas I was wrong, and so were many of the other surfing expatriates that made the venture to the first Surfing Hainan, China Open.

So Kerry and I flew 1 hour from Guangzhou to Sanya (Capital of Hainan Pop 12 Million),to arrive at what appeared to be a Chinese version of Hawaii. Palm trees surrounding the beaches, which were relativly clean by Chinese standards, windsurfing, sailing, beach volleyball and all the usual beach activites of the western world.

One thing that really stood out to be on polar opposites to the way we enjoy the beach in Australia, was the extremities that the Chinese go to not to get sun on their skin. See: Umbrella while swimming, full body suit, including whitening sunscreen from head to toe and no holding back when it comes to loud swimming attire. Maybe us Aussies could take a leaf out of there book and we wouldnt have such a growing melanoma problem.

More to come on the epic scoring of waves..............