Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Where does it come from?

As I ponder this thought.I am propelled to be creative in every waking hour, be it institutional, artistic, culinary, communicative or all of the above. To me creativity is the essence of humanity, that without, we would perish.

Think about when you first wake up in the morning.....creative juices start to flow!

When we cook breakfast, weather it be warm honey filled porridge, eggs on toast with that extra touch of basil on top for flair, we are being creative, we are expressing our true nature! When we communicate with our loved ones we are creating, creating the present moment and setting ourselves up for the attractions that are within our power be they positive or negative or both.

When I go surfing, every waves, every paddle and even the act of putting zinc onto my face is an act of creativity. Surfing is also an act of meditation, bring thy self into the present momment and forgetting about the weight of the world, not thinking about yesterday, this afternoon, later on or this morning, it truely brings us into the momment of peace.

So my point is that creativity is more than just creating a work of art, although it is inclusive of creating works of art, but it is so much more. It is every momment of every day, even when you asleep you're creating, being creative!

We are creative beings!